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An expert service to help you ensure the security of future generations.

Estate planning starts with making a Will, an important step that can later help families at a difficult and painful time by avoiding the added stress of dealing with legal complications.

At Weightmans, we understand that each individual's circumstances are unique and pride ourselves on preparing wills suited to your particular needs.

Our expertise includes:

  • Drafting Wills at all levels of complexity
  • Inheritance tax planning through Wills
  • Protecting the rights of cohabitees
  • Wealth protection and trust creation for different family members and future generations

Our Wills team is well placed to help even where there's already a Will in place. It's vital that Wills are reviewed regularly to take into account changes in both circumstances and the law. It's also important to review Wills after marriage or divorce, or where there are children from a previous relationship.

Inheritance tax planning and Will drafting often go hand in hand, but Wills aren't all about money. They also deal with issues such as funeral arrangements, nominating guardians for young children and the distribution of personal possessions.

So whether you’re writing a new Will, or updating your current one, we'll work with you to tailor our service to best meet your needs.

Law Commission Consultation on Modernising Wills

The Law Commission for England & Wales has launched a consultation into modernising the law surrounding Wills which it describes as 'largely…

Updating the test for testamentary capacity to make a will

The law concerning the mental capacity to make a will needs to be brought up to date, according to a Law Commission consultation published last week.

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Your business: what happens upon death?

Many business owners will have put in place a Will dealing with their personal estate upon death, however currently over half of small business owners…

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IHT changes – residence nil rate band

From 6 April 2017, there will be an additional inheritance tax free 'residence nil rate band' available. This will begin at £100,000 in the tax year…

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Is your will wedding-proof?

The summer wedding and civil partnership season is now in full swing and thousands of couples will tie the knot this year, for better or for worse.

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The New Year – time to get your affairs in order…

And what better way to start than putting your Will in place. Recent research suggests that 58% of adults have not made a Will.

New inheritance rules came into force on 1 October 2014 for people who don’t have a will

New inheritance rules have introduced a number of new rights and regulations affecting spouses/civil partners, unmarried fathers and adopted…

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Will planning and Shari’a law

Britain is set to become the first non-Muslim country to sell a bond that can be bought by Islamic investors.

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