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CyXcel: The edge when it matters

In today's tech-driven world, strong digital credentials are essential for any organisation. Cybersecurity is now an absolute necessity to both protect your business and build resilience, enable growth, success and sustainability.

By selecting CyXcel, a specialist business uniquely combining legal and technical expertise, you:

  • Prioritise the safeguarding of your investors, people, and customers.
  • Gain access to proven services and products that empower informed decision-making and the control of risk — setting you apart from competitors.

When it comes to digital transformation and cyber incidents — we’ve got you covered.

The CyXcel edge

A powerhouse team at your disposal

  • Experts in data, privacy, technology, and cybersecurity.
  • Our diverse group includes cyber lawyers, technical infrastructure experts, crisis managers, and forensic experts — all under one roof.
  • Integrated approach that minimises inefficiencies, reduces cost and simplifies the need to navigate multiple suppliers. It also maximises our speed of response, setting us apart from our competition.

Cyber services and products that empower

  • Designed to optimise digital opportunities, while helping you pre-empt, mitigate and manage all forms of digital disruption, data breaches, cyber-attacks, and technology failures.
  • Packed with cutting-edge technology and innovative process.
  • Every solution is flexible and scalable, tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • An end-to-end proposition across four service pathways — highly accessible to all organisations, regardless of size or purpose.

All your digital needs covered

  • From data commercialisation and compliance with digital laws to technology transformation planning, control prioritisation and resilience building, our experts will help you understand the key issues and guide you every step of the way.
  • When you’re faced with cyber incidents, our swift and effective "blue light" service is ready to mobilise at short notice — guaranteed expert assistance proven to successfully minimise service disruption, loss severity and brand damage.

You’re in safe hands

  • Go-to-firm for listed and private companies, public institutions, non-profits, insurers, government bodies and the emergency services.
  • Renowned for achieving optimum results for clients — in the UK and internationally.
  • Our track record is second-to-none — from complex data and technology transformations to privacy violations, ransomware prevention and recovery, espionage, and state intrusions, our diverse experience spans the digital spectrum.
  • We’re also regulated, assuring top-tier service and a layer of legal privilege across both communications and access to sensitive information.

Our service pathways

Here's a summary of CyXcel's four service pathways. This is just a flavour of what we do, mind you! Our deliverables are constantly evolving in step with the rapid evolution of our connected world.








CyXcel Control

Design and defence of mission critical, scalable, resilient digital businesses that leverage technology and data while navigating the complex global legal and regulatory landscape with confidence and at competitive pace.

CyXcel Rescue

Rapid hands-on technical support, targeted legal advice, and expert cyber incident management 24/7/365 when your security or data is breached — minimising service disruption and mitigating harm.

CyXcel Resolve

Tailored remedies for post-crises resolution. From expert representation through privacy litigation, regulatory enforcement, and commercial disputes, to trusted, independent, technical advice and support through post-breach recovery, remediation, and transformation. We help you shape your new normal.

CyXcel Overwatch

A service exclusively for cyber and data liability insurers. Overwatch polices strategy and tactics in real-time, ensuring reasonable, lawful, and defensible decision-making by policyholders and their advisors during the heat of an incident.

Our product stack

We don't just offer services. At CyXcel, we've got some amazing products too to help you stay ahead of the curve.

  • CyXcel Matrix

    Managed Security

    It uses some really great tech that constantly monitors for attempts to break into a computer network, as well as anyone inside it who's up to no good.

    Most of the time it neutralises the threat automatically. Occasionally, though, it needs backup and is able to let CyXcel know when to send reinforcements.

  • CyXcel Threat Vault

    Intelligent Insights

    Think of Threat Vault as a treasure trove of data and intelligence about the latest threats across all industry sectors.

    We turn it into actionable insights, neatly packaged and contextualised for individual organisations.

    What's more, we feed the information back into our Control pathway, so that we can help clients stay ahead of the game.

  • CyXcel Horizon

    Vulnerability Assessment

    Horizon is like a magic wand that allows us to see what hackers see. It scans domains and the internet to quickly identify potential security risks in six core areas of cyber vulnerability and broadcasts real-time results to a dashboard.

    It also generates a downloadable report that provides guidance on remedial action. It can even analyse multiple domains at once to identify supply chain vulnerabilities.

  • CyXcel Miner

    Breach Assessment

    When sensitive data is breached, assessing the damage can be costly and time-consuming.

    We've developed a proprietary process that combines analytics, rules-based searches, and manual review to quickly identify and extract impacted data. We even use a points-based system developed by The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity to assess the level of risk for affected individuals — which not many people know is how you satisfy your obligations under UK GDPR Article 34.

    Miner is designed to help organisations comply with privacy laws and regulations, and minimise the impact of a breach.

  • CyXcel Alpha

    Media & Deep/Dark Web Monitoring

    The cyber underworld hangs out on the Dark Web, a mysterious place where people do bad things, conceal their identity, and mask their digital footprints.

    Alpha is our comprehensive monitoring solution that uncloaks these nefarious activities and detects hacker chatter about whether a client is being lined up for an attack, or where stolen data may be dumped or traded.

    It also picks up deep and surface web activity on platforms like Reddit, where information about the latest exploits, malware and ransomware attacks are often discussed.

  • CyXcel BreachLink and BreachLink+

    High Sensitivity Breach Notifications

    BreachLink and BreachLink+ revolutionise support for individuals impacted by breaches involving special category and high-sensitivity data. Sometimes standard notifications just don't cut it and can actually exacerbate harm.

    Breachlink goes above and beyond — to include assessments of safeguarding risks, human rights, and exemptions — while also providing personalised care and guidance.

    With BreachLink+, we also include distress counselling, transforming a moment of vulnerability into safety, trust, and calm.

  • CyXcel Advantage

    Incident Response Retainer

    A multi-year incident response retainer providing on-demand 24/7/365 access to our specialist incident response team in the event of a cyber or data incident.

    • Guaranteed priority access when you need it most
    • Support with incident response planning
    • Quarterly reviews with your retainer manager
    • Regular threat intelligence reports
    • Exclusive discount of up to 15% on our standard rates.

Our global reach

Over the years, we have built up a network of firms who have been integral in delivering optimum results for our clients across jurisdictions.

World map depicting the locations in which CyXcel's network extends

CyXcel senior leaders

A team that uniquely fuses legal and technical expertise and years of experience to help organisations harness their digital potential and overcome the dangers and pitfalls they encounter — and defend them against the dangers of the cyber underworld.

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