Grievance and disciplinary advice

Professionals ready to advise on employment best practice and happy to assist, so you can deal with challenges fairly.

Grievance and disciplinary procedures are there to help you deal fairly and consistently with the full range of issues regarding employee misconduct and complaints from employees about the workplace. It can be difficult to know how much HR involvement is appropriate for the times when you can't resolve potential disciplinary or grievance issues informally with a quiet word. When that's the case, we're here to help.

We appreciate that a 'one size fits all' approach isn't what you need: we can give you as much support as you need on a case-by-case basis. Where an investigating officer needs to be appointed, it's worth bearing in mind that HR's role in disciplinary investigations should be limited to advising the investigating officer on relevant procedures and points of law. You can use Weightmans to provide legal advice to your investigators or decision-makers, or we can step in and support your HR function by taking on the investigation process for you in its entirety.

When it is appropriate, you can tap into our mediation services, meaning that matters which could otherwise involve a drawn-out grievance procedure or escalation to a Tribunal can be dealt with in a collaborative way by a neutral third person.

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