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Remedy Healthcare complaints handling solution

At Weightmans, we understand the pressures that the healthcare industry may face. Our market leading complaints handling solution, Remedy, has been designed to assist healthcare organisations in times of need.

Our experts will work flexibly alongside your team to help you reduce complaint numbers and improve response times, whilst identifying safety and learning challenges.

Why choose Remedy?

  • We have an experienced and dedicated team who specialise in sensitively managing complaints in the public and private healthcare sectors.
  • We offer a scalable fixed price service.
  • We provide a tailored, flexible solution designed to meet your particular requirements and immediate needs, allowing you to scale up or down the help you need with no long term commitments.
  • We can pre-agree turnaround times for responses to ensure your complaints are handled efficiently.
  • We provide a bespoke case and document management system for your complaints with the option to incorporate your headed paper and standard wording for responses.
  • You will receive regular updates and feedback from us, to ensure you are in control every step of the way.

In addition to Remedy's fixed price, we offer add-on services at competitive prices including:

  • Live dashboard access with real time key data and intel to help you with internal reporting on safety and learning and best practice to avoid future complaints.
  • Triage toolkits and process maps to help with complaint responses.
  • Training from our experts on complaints handling and how to best resolve complaints and stop them from escalating.
  • Thematic reviews to look holistically at outsourced complaints with advice on extracting safety and learning recommendations.
  • Policy drafting, including advice on your existing policies or assistance with drafting new ones.
  • Further investigations work such as obtaining written comments, interviewing key staff, reviewing patient medical records and advising on next steps.

Ready to find out more? Our dedicated team are on hand to assist with any of your queries. Fill in the form to learn more about how you could benefit from Remedy or contact Sarah Hopwood and Sam Harland directly via the details below.

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If you would like to discuss how we may be able to assist, please contact Samuel Harland directly. 

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