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Defending winter sports accident claims in Europe and the UK

We are perfectly placed to provide advice and guidance on every aspect of ski and snow liability for insurers.

Common types of accident include:

  • Collisions between piste users
  • Defective ski hire equipment and liability of ski hire providers
  • Liability of ski schools, instructors and guides
  • Avalanches and piste management
  • Injuries involving ski lifts and other piste machinery.

We regularly advise EU insurers on all these issues, adopting a commercial and cooperative approach whilst also focusing on fundamental questions of jurisdiction and applicable law. By understanding our insurer and insured clients’ cultures and languages, our advice is always tailored to their specific needs.

The firm has handled many cases involving winter sports including catastrophic injuries sustained in the course of an avalanche while skiing off-piste accompanied by a guide and during a guided skiing session. Often such cases will involve the application of foreign law by the UK courts and our experience and knowledge of foreign law means that we are perfectly placed to handle such cases and provide the best possible advice to our insurer clients.

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