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Practical advice and support with all aspects of pensions law.

For many businesses and public organisations, pensions are a critical financial and practical concern. Employers must understand the risks associated with their workplace pension schemes so that they can control the risks and costs of providing the pension benefits they've promised. Trustees and administering authorities are concerned with the effective financial management and governance of their schemes.

We understand the issues faced by employers, trustees and others involved with pensions, thanks to extensive experience of working on a wide range of pensions matters. Pensions law can be extremely complex: you can be sure we'll make it as simple to digest as possible as we deliver practical advice and solutions.

We work with clients on all types of pension schemes in both the public and private sectors and at all stages in their life cycles, from establishment to winding up. Our services include:

  • Providing advice on all aspects of pensions law 
  • Interpreting, drafting and updating pension scheme governing documents and ancillary documents such as member communications 
  • Dealing with regulatory bodies and government agencies, including the Pensions Regulator, the Pension Protection Fund and HMRC 
  • Supporting best practice in pension scheme governance 
  • Resolving pensions disputes 
  • Advising scheme trustees on the wide range of contracts that they may enter into 
  • Training scheme trustees, HR and finance professionals and others on pensions matters 
  • Dealing with the pensions aspects of transactions
  • Advising on all legal aspects of group life insurance schemes.

Our Pensions team recognises that, in many situations, pensions advice isn't useful if delivered in isolation. When appropriate, we'll work closely with other specialist lawyers at Weightmans from fields including corporate and employment law to give you complete and coherent advice.

Whether or not you're already a client, we're always happy to discuss the pensions issues faced by you and your organisation.

Unfair dismissal awards increase (particularly for some employers)

When working out what an unfair dismissal may cost, you will need to factor in employer pension contributions in the cap – not just standard pay.

Phil Allen Partner
Pensions Update: Supreme Court rules on equal pension rights for same sex spouses

The Supreme Court has held that offering different survivors’ benefits to same-sex spouses than to different sex spouses is unlawful.

Mark Poulston Partner

Legal comment: Gay man secures equal pension rights in Supreme Court

A man has won a legal battle to provide his husband with equal pension rights in a landmark Supreme Court discrimination case.

Mark Poulston Partner

Q&A: Do we need to change our Shared Parental Leave Policy?

Following Snell v Network Rail, should we change our policies to either increase shared parental leave payments or reduce occupational maternity pay?

Lee Rogers Associate

A fair deal for pensions or an added complication?

The Department for Communities and Local Government unveiled its consultation on implementing the reformed Fair Deal in the Local Government Pension…

Jane Marshall Partner

Setting high standards: The new defined Contribution Code of Practice

The Pensions Regulator’s new Defined Contribution (DC) Code of Practice came into effect on 28 July 2016, along with six guidance notes.

Mark Poulston Partner

How can excepted group life assurance schemes help you?

The pension tax regime imposes limits on the value of savings that can be built up in registered pension schemes each year and over the course of a…

Dei Harries Associate

Pensions and data protection

Pension schemes routinely collect and process data relating to members. The storage and processing of member information is subject to data protection…

Dei Harries Associate