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Retail Review: Be prepared for equal pay claims

It is estimated that as many as nearly 600,000 supermarket workers could be entitled to bring equal pay claims. Solicitor Philip Loftus offers advice…

Holiday Pay: Important new case on ‘carry over’ and pay in lieu of annual leave

The European Court of Justice reminds us that the subject of holiday pay is far from dead and buried.

Stuart Jones
Stuart Jones Partner

Serious misconduct: Top tips for an effective conduct investigation

Read our top tips for an effective conduct investigation concerning serious misconduct.

Employment status: Off payroll, on HMRC’s hit list

The government appears set to press ahead with more tax reforms in off-payroll worker arrangements through the intermediaries legislation (IR35).

Mark Leach
Mark Leach Partner

Employment Law Update: five issues to watch in 2019

If the last 12 months are anything to go by, 2019 promises to be eventful and packed with employment law change.

Louise Singh
Louise Singh Associate

A specialist Housing Court – a call for evidence

The Government has recently published a call for evidence discussing the possibility of establishing a specialist Housing Court

Sian Evans
Sian Evans Partner

Is time running out?

The UK is now only 15 weeks away from its exit as a member of the European Union and the 'meaningful vote' on the withdrawal deal has been postponed.

Jacqui Bickerton
Jacqui Bickerton Associate

Updated Building Regulations

The government has pushed through some updated Building Regulations amending the previous 2010 version (“the 2010 Regulations”)

Crispin Kenyon
Crispin Kenyon Partner

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