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Law Commission Consultation on Modernising Wills

The Law Commission for England & Wales has launched a consultation into modernising the law surrounding Wills which it describes as 'largely…

Parents' Day – promoting positive parental relationships

'Parent’s Day' is observed in the United States on the fourth Sunday of July, a celebration created in 1994 under President Bill Clinton.

Fiona Turner Partner

Updating the test for testamentary capacity to make a will

The law concerning the mental capacity to make a will needs to be brought up to date, according to a Law Commission consultation published last week.

Richard Bate Partner

Second referendum?

Lord Kerr, the author of Article 50 has today called for a UK wide debate about halting the Brexit negotiations and process.

Kieran Jones Partner

Test for public interest in whistleblowing is complex - but not met simply by another employee being affected

In 2013 the law governing whistleblowing protection was changed to require a worker’s disclosure to be made in the public interest.

Phil Allen Partner

CQC to begin examining patient deaths

After its report on learning from deaths published in Dec 2016, the CQC is to begin reviewing up to four patient deaths in trusts where ‘concerns’ are…

Richard Jolly Partner

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill and negotiation position papers

The UK parliament has been a hive of activity today with the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill (“the Bill”), formerly known as the Great Repeal Bill,…

Kieran Jones Partner

Waste company fined after worker suffers severe burns

A waste company has been fined after one of its workers received severe burns to his upper body and face in October 2014.

Crispin Kenyon Partner

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