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NHSI cash recovery programme

NHS Improvement plans to recover £44 million for 50 NHS trusts, income lost from overseas patients potentially ineligible for treatment.

Rachel Kneale
Rachel Kneale Partner
Illegality, dishonesty and ex turpi causa

A claimant who had agreed to set fire to the defendants' cars for £500 was unable to claim damages for malicious prosecution. The court had been…

Peter Wake
Peter Wake Partner

When is a Contract Written in Stone – Part 2

Last month Partner Andrew Cromby considered whether it was ever possible for a written contract to be drafted in such a way that it could not be…

Andrew Cromby
Andrew Cromby Partner

Death of a shareholder

Estate planning for business owners and entrepreneurs can often fall down the priority list of ‘things to do’ when building and securing the…

Richard Leslie
Richard Leslie Consultant

Court of Appeal upholds imprisonment of 83 year old Husband

In the latest round of litigation in the long-running case of Hart v Hart, the Court of Appeal has upheld the imprisonment of the 83 year old…

Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor Solicitor

GDPR week 1 – Financial Penalties

Get it right or it can be a costly event- Fines for getting GDPR wrong have significantly increased.

The Financial Guidance and Claims Act (2018)

After months of negotiations, we welcome the Financial Guidance and Claims Act (2018), following the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill.

Kurt Rowe
Kurt Rowe Associate

Digital divorce now available to Litigants in Person

HMCTS has now launched its £1bn online divorce process, which seeks to modernise the court system.

Meera Shinh
Meera Shinh Solicitor

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