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Whistleblowing in the NHS: Increased protection for applicants

It is important to remember that these Regulations are not yet in force and may be subject to further changes following scrutiny by Parliament.

Emlyn Williams
Emlyn Williams Partner
Family Law cases to watch 2018: Mills v Mills

Is maintenance a ‘meal ticket for life’?

Meera Shinh Solicitor

No liability for arrest after passing incorrect information

There was no liability for the claimant’s subsequent police arrest of a person passing to the police in good faith incorrect information putting in…

Nick Peel
Nick Peel Partner

Communication breakdowns could leave sporting bodies with heavy penalties

Technology can be used to enhance sporting performance and make competitions fairer, but there are also major legal risks. Bruce Ralston examines some…

Bruce Ralston
Bruce Ralston Partner

Mistake of fact does not invalidate a search warrant

The decision offers continued support to officers when applying for search warrants

John Riddell
John Riddell Partner

Family Law cases to watch 2018: Steinfield & Keidan v Secretary of State for Education

A heterosexual couple who wish to enter a civil partnership instead of getting married will take their case to the Supreme Court this year.

Meera Shinh Solicitor

Family Law Cases to watch 2018: Owens v Owens

This divorce case has been described ‘as the most significant divorce case of the century’ and will be heard by the Supreme Court in 2018.

Meera Shinh Solicitor

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