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New law published gives time off and pay to bereaved parents

The Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Bill has now been published. This will give bereaved parents the right to time off work following the death…

Phil Allen Partner
The solvency statement: reducing share capital

We are seeing a trend of client companies seeking to reduce their share capital using the solvency statement procedure introduced by the Companies…

Catherine Hendy Associate

A Point of Interest

In this article, Mickaela Fox and Deborah Sullivan consider the issue of interest awards in solicitors’ negligence cases in the wake of the recent…

Mickaela Fox Partner

Changing circumstances – reviewing your Will

When your child leaves home, the change is felt throughout the family. This is the perfect time to take stock and focus on your own life and…

Shahida Jogi Associate

The first reform of third party contractual rights in almost 100 years

The Scottish Parliament passed the Contract (Third Party Rights) (Scotland) Bill (“the Bill”) on 21 September 2017, reflecting the first change in…

Doug Keir Partner

The Approach of Autumn - UK pensions agenda

Key dates for your diary and pension action plans

Mark Poulston Partner

Prime Minister tells the Commons the “ball is back” in the EU’s court

Parliament returned to the Chamber today after recess to a statement from the Prime Minister, Theresa May on Brexit.

Jacqui Bickerton Professional support lawyer

Court of Appeal rules on the case of IBM v Dalgleish and others

The case is likely to be of great importance to any employers who are considering making pension scheme changes.

Dei Harries Associate

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