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Pedalling dishonesty - cyclist's highway claims 'shot to pieces'

Lucking v Cheshire East Council: Crewe County Court 5 November 2018 – DDJ Causton

Suzanne Milne
Suzanne Milne Partner
Avoid a contractual own goal - the importance of entire agreement clauses

Associate Michael Budd looks at the importance of clarity when drafting entire agreement clauses

Michael Budd Associate

Updated probate rules – will a simplified process lead to an increase in unrepresented applicants unwittingly making costly errors?

Whilst the proposed increase in Probate Fees has attracted a lot of attention in the legal and accountancy world the Government’s announcement that…

David Stokes
David Stokes Associate

Universal credit – delays and the impact on divorced or divorcing couples

The BBC has reported that the Universal Credit (UC) rollout has been fraught with difficulties. The idea is that it will simplify an overcomplicated…

Linzi Perriman
Linzi Perriman Solicitor

Misconduct case to answer – crossing the threshold

A direction by the IOPC requiring City of London Police to subject an officer to gross misconduct proceedings was not irrational.

Nick Peel
Nick Peel Partner

The impact of Brexit

Many companies within the construction industry have sought to future-proof themselves against Brexit.

Jacqui Bickerton
Jacqui Bickerton Associate

Hart v Hart: Episode III – the saga continues

Matthew Taylor comments on the latest update in the long-running and notorious case of Hart v Hart...

Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor Solicitor

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