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Most popular day for marriages sees local lawyer campaign to raise awareness of the common-law marriage myth

Saturday 18 August has been reported as the most common day in 2018 to tie the knot in the UK. However, since the early 1970s, the number of people…

Emma Collins
Emma Collins Partner
LEGAL COMMENT: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt dispute child support as divorce rumbles on

As Hollywood reflects on high profile child support dispute - what is the view in the UK?

Linzi Perriman
Linzi Perriman Solicitor

Weightmans Leeds the way for Pride

A solicitor at national law firm Weightmans LLP has been selected as the first Director for LGBT+ for the Leeds Law Society.

Sam Airey
Sam Airey Partner

Record turnover after a year of steady growth and significant investment for Weightmans

National law firm Weightmans LLP has announced a record turnover of £97.1m and increased operating profit for the 2017/18 financial year.

John Schorah
John Schorah Managing Partner

New aviation expert helps clients find clear skies at Weightmans

Andrew Krausz joins the firm to head up national aviation law team

Andrew Krausz
Andrew Krausz Partner

Industry-wide trucks cartel facing massive legal claim in UK tribunal

British truck owners and lessees could receive compensation totalling £14bn without even having to sign up to a claim...

Prison sentence for man found in contempt of court following exaggerated claim

James Lee Mitchell (55) was sentenced on 24 July 2018 following a case brought by national law firm Weightmans on behalf of Circle Anglia Limited (now…

Suzanne Milne
Suzanne Milne Partner

LEGAL COMMENT: Supreme Court rules that woman seeking divorce must stay married

A woman who wants to divorce her husband of 40 years because she believed their marriage had broken down irretrievably has lost a Supreme Court…

Fiona Turner
Fiona Turner Partner

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