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Medical malpractice lawyers

Claims for medical malpractice can be complex and often involve substantial sums in damages and costs; our medical malpractice solicitors can provide advice on all aspects of liability and quantum. We act on behalf of a number of medical malpractice insurers, working closely with brokers and other intermediaries.

We have specialist medical malpractice lawyers with vast experience in handling medical malpractice claims and the interplay with healthcare regulatory matters such as inquests and professional disciplinary issues. Our services also include running medico-legal helplines for a variety of healthcare professionals, including surgeons and dentists. We routinely handle high-value birth injury and other catastrophic injury claims against medical professionals and organisations, with reserves in excess of £20m but we also have the necessary expertise to advise on lower value claims in areas such as dentistry and cosmetic treatment.

Our team includes dual-qualified doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who understand the socio-economic and political pressures our clients face. This insight, combined with commercial awareness and experience in cases with a media interest enables us to make a real difference, whether acting for the healthcare organisation or an individual healthcare professional via their indemnifiers.

We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that we listen to their needs, understand their business and implement their instructions. We are prepared to advise defending appropriate cases to trial but are equally adept at advising on strategies that deliver the most commercially effective resolution of claims to our clients, including Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation.

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