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Employment contract solicitors

Legal services to help you establish a solid framework for your organisation and employees.

As an employer, setting out your stall clearly from the start is essential to manage potential issues with employees further down the line. Sound employment contracts, HR policies and procedures are intrinsic to workforce management without these in place, it becomes more difficult to deal with issues of misconduct and poor performance when they arise.

Our specialist employment contract solicitors can take the hard work out of workplace policy reviews, helping you to establish new policies and procedures and update and maintain those already in place, so that you and your managers are fully aware of your obligations and handle interactions on issues in the correct way.

We understand that making changes to workplace policies can be difficult, particularly when there is uncertainty about what a contract actually covers. Over the years, larger and more complex organisations may have made a number of changes to policies and procedures, resulting in confusion.

With our know-how in creating robust policies and procedures and a wealth of experience representing clients through the employment tribunals and courts system, right up to the European Court of Justice, you can take advantage of our breadth of knowledge and practical insights to guide you through the process, focussing always upon the goal of practical solutions for your business.

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