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Insurance fraud solicitors

We have a proven and dedicated team of insurance fraud solicitors who provide national coverage, targeting fraud across Casualty, Disease, Motor and Healthcare.

Our approach is simple but effective, using proven techniques and technologies to detect fraud, challenge through delivery and then deter those who perpetrate it, whether they be individuals, fraud rings or solicitors or companies.

We can assist you and your clients with:

  • Detection | Qualified analysts within our intelligence team use the latest techniques and technologies to provide quality intelligence and strategies on individuals and organisations to combat fraudulent and exaggerated claims. With the use of Natural Language Processing and analysis of our structured and unstructured data, we are able to predict likely behaviours and the probability of fraud.
  • Defence | Experts in motor, disease, healthcare, casualty and white-collar counter fraud handling backed by intelligence, MI analytics, market updates and bespoke strategies deliver service excellence, reduce overall indemnity spend and ensures brand protection.
  • Deterrent | Through sanctions, recoveries or committal proceedings we ensure fraudsters are punished for their dishonesty and the right message is sent to the market that fraud will not be tolerated. We work with together our clients to take the right approach to deter fraudsters whilst ensuring we protect your brand and reputation.

Areas of expertise

  • Casualty

    Our Casualty counter fraud solicitors, led by Suzanne Milne, act extensively for insurers, the public sector, self-insureds and companies and deal with the full range of casualty fraud cases, which continue to increase in number as the market changes.

    We have leading expertise in handling fabricated, contrived or exaggerated claims or accidents and we have dealt with and defeated one of the largest known casualty fraud rings in recent years (public liability). In addition to extensive findings of Fundamental Dishonesty in casualty cases, we also have secured several findings of Contempt of Court (attracting custodial sentences) and in 2020 have secured a finding of collusion against a third party facilitator.

    We have technical excellence in the casualty liability sphere which remains crucial when faced with the nuances of specialist casualty risk and/or high value quantum claims. We pride ourselves on understanding the objectives of our clients to ensure that the appropriate handling strategy is adopted and delivered to achieve the desired outcome. This includes promotion of positive publicity as an active deterrent.

  • Disease

    We were the first in the UK to set up a specialised disease team, which has delivered a number of industry firsts including the first Contempt of Court finding against a disease claimant (Zurich Insurance v Romaine). Led by Paul Debney, the disease counter fraud team’s primary focus is to identify disease fraud, whether the claimant is complicit within the fraud, or being manipulated by claimant solicitors or claims management firms. Crucial in the delivery of disease fraud service is detection. In relation to organised fraud, for example in noise induced hearing loss claims, market knowledge and data is key to detection and our market knowledge is second to none. We work across the full range of disease types, where fraud can be prevalent, including:

    • Asbestos related injuries
    • Cumulative back injuries
    • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome
    • Noise induced hearing loss
    • Non asbestos related respiratory injuries
    • Work Related Upper Limb Disorders including HAVS and CTS
  • Motor

    Led by Jeff Turton, our motor counter fraud team is dedicated to detecting all of the forms of motor fraud your business may face, delivering on our promise to minimise your indemnity spend and deterring future fraud by bringing scammers to book through robust sanctions.

    Our team calls upon its decades of experience and the latest intelligence and claims handling technologies to deliver the most innovative counter fraud solutions. We have delivered for clients some of the most important court decisions in the motor fraud arena.

    We also devise and implement bespoke counter fraud strategies for our clients and regularly advise the insurance industry on emerging risks and how to combat them.

    Types of fraud:

    • LVI
    • Late notification
    • Staged/induced collisions
    • Phantom passenger
    • Credit hire fraud
    • Bus/fleet fraud
    • Fraud rings
    • GAP insurance fraud
    • Miscellaneous fundamental dishonesty
  • Healthcare

    We have a dedicated healthcare fraud team, led by Sarah Hopwood, targeting fraud on behalf of NHS Resolution, NHS Trusts and private healthcare providers. Types of fraud include:

    • Staged or phantom accidents
    • Deliberate exaggeration of injury
    • And/or losses in personal injury and clinical negligence cases.

    Our strong background in healthcare law coupled with fraud expertise means we robustly but sensitively handle these cases, understanding the approach of our healthcare clients and working closely with them to ensure public funds are not inappropriately diverted to fraudulent claimants.

Case studies

Cameron v Hussain, LV and MIB [2019] UKSC 6 — Normal 'service' is resumed for untraced driver cases

Pleadings and fundamental dishonesty: Howlett affirmed as film director’s compensation claim is dismissed — David Pinkus v Direct Line [2018] EWHC 1671, Queen’s Bench Division, Royal Courts of Justice, 2 July 2018

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