Product liability

Litigation and advice service for all product liability cases, including product recall, brand preservation, dispute resolution and claims against suppliers.

Very few commercial businesses, particularly those serving consumers, can completely eliminate all risk when it comes to their products. When risk becomes an issue of liability, any resulting legal claims need skilful handling to protect profits, brands and reputation.

Weightmans' specialist product liability team has extensive experience in managing and defending product liability claims across numerous commercial sectors, including manufacturing, food, automotive, marine, electrical and packaging. We act for retailers, including leading supermarket chains, industrial manufacturers and insurance companies among many others.

If your business is facing a product liability claim, our aim is to resolve it quickly and effectively. Wherever possible, we look for alternatives to litigation to minimise cost, time involvement and damage to your operations and we can often resolve complex multi-party disputes by mediation or other means.

As a national firm, we have the network and resources to deal with the largest of problems. We handle all types of claims, from bulk processing minor disputes through to the most serious personal injury cases.

Our complete service deals with the wider aspects of public liability confidently, too, handling the requirements of regulatory and government bodies and minimising the effects of negative press reporting.

The highs and lows of retail liability

A retailer was found partially liable for injuries suffered by an infant who was able to access a potentially dangerous product on display in their…

Peter Forshaw
Peter Forshaw Partner
Manufacturer may not be liable even if a product is defective

Weightmans acted successfully at first instance for the manufacturer of a level-sensing device, which was alleged to have been the cause of a fire.

Fiona East
Fiona East Partner

Recent developments in claims for defective products – where does the burden of proof lie?

The burden of proving whether there is a defect in a product, rests with the claimant pursuant to s.3 Consumer Protection Act 1987.

Peter Forshaw
Peter Forshaw Partner

Product liability - contaminated food stuffs

Few things can ruin a food company's reputation faster than a foreign body complaint. KFC have long been dogged with the urban myth about a Kentucky…

Clare Horwood & Others v Land of Leather Limited (in Administration), Zurich Insurance PLC & Others

In 2007, Land of Leather Limited received a number of complaints from customers who had suffered skin allergies from sofas which they had supplied.

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