Settlement agreements

Thorough, in-depth advice on settlement agreements, from initiation through to completion.

Settlement agreements (formerly known as compromise agreements) are a clean, dignified and quick way to terminate an employment relationship; however, they require careful, expert handling to achieve an outcome that works for both parties, based on sound legal advice. A failed settlement scenario helps no-one, and leaves the door open for tribunal proceedings to be initiated – precisely the outcome you would wish to avoid.

Weightmans' employment experts can provide advice on when a settlement agreement represents the best option and how to progress discussions, making you fully aware of the various risks involved so that you can balance this out against the time, cost and potential stress of going down a different route.

Our advice is always best sought early on, before initiating settlement discussions, to maximise the likelihood of a deal being accepted. We will help you to plan your part of the resulting conversations (pre-termination negotiations) and set them out in writing to ensure that you're fully compliant with the legal requirements of the Employment Rights Act.

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