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At Weightmans, we pride ourselves on always going the extra mile to provide our clients with the best possible service. We thrive on going beyond offering expert legal advice, we also provide a wide range of products to make your business and your life as easy and hassle free as possible.

By offering these intuitive, easy to navigate products and services, we ensure that our clients have everything they need to resolve their legal issues in the most effective way possible. And with the least amount of stress!

From predictive data and analytics to complaints handling tools and services, we have you covered. Discover how each of our proprietary products works below:

  • Auxilium- our solution to resourcing and skill gaps for in-house emergency service teams. 
  • Calculate — Credit Hire — our solution for valuing credit hire claims with accuracy and consistency.
  • Calculate — Holiday pay — our solution for calculating holiday pay for irregular hours workers.
  • Calculate Costs- we pull together all of the fixed recoverable costs in one place, keeping on top of the rules and amendments for you.
  • Contract Reviewer — financial services contract checker is a valuable tool that helps ensure compliance and accuracy in financial contracts.
  • CyXcel — a cyber security consulting business.
  • Disability Tools — helping managers make informed decisions around disability and supporting disabled employers.
  • Enable — litigation funding service
  • HR Rely — our fixed fee employment law service, offering our customers access to a dedicated team of employment law experts and a library of HR standard letters and templates.
  • PREDiCT — a predictive data and analytics tool which uses artificial intelligence to accurately predict claim reserves for catastrophic personal injury claims.
  • Remedy — a scalable, fixed-price complaints-handling tool for healthcare organisations.
  • Resolve — our comprehensive student complaints-handling service, aimed at higher education institutions.
  • Sexual Misconduct Complaints — our sexual misconduct complaints handling tool.
  • Transport Manager Comply — Our Transport Manager Comply product will guide your team in identifying areas of non-compliance within your fleet management operations — so you can address issues before it’s too late.

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