Catastrophic personal injury

Our catastrophic personal injury team is widely recognised as the UK’s leading team of lawyers in this area. The specialist team handles claims reserved at a minimum of £500,000, representing over £1bn of client reserves, typically involving cases of the utmost severity, brain damage, amputations, paralysis, fatalities etc.

The full range of EL, motor, PL and product liability claims are covered. Front loading of information and early expert evidence gathering promotes proactive settlements at an appropriately early stage. Bespoke reserving tailored to a client’s specific requirements and analysis from our market leading large loss database combine to ensure the most accurate possible reserving throughout and the best possible outcome. The methodology adopted is moulded around a client’s KPIs and reserving philosophy and we offer a range of tools to assist review and improve a client’s strategies in the large loss arena. We are very sensitive to the prospect of adverse publicity and of the need to protect the client’s reputation in handling claims with very significant potential values.

We can advise on all aspects of large loss claims resolution, including on specific issues such as interim payments, state funding, periodical payments, reverse indemnities and care regimes.

Who wants to live forever?

The Office of National Statistics has reported that life expectancy in the UK did not improve at all between 2015 and 2017, remaining at 79.2 years…

Dave Cottam
Dave Cottam Partner
The rising cost of personal injury damages

Catastrophic injury leads to £37 million damages against the NHS, the highest award in a clinical negligence case

Dave Cottam
Dave Cottam Partner

One small step for man

Three patients, all paralysed from the waist down following trauma, have been able to walk again, albeit not without assistance and only for very…

Defeating subtle brain injury claims through a meticulous approach expert to medical evidence

Subtle traumatic brain injury claims are a thorn in the side of defendant insurers as they rely heavily on a subjective account of the alleged…

Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers Associate

Prison sentence for man found in contempt of court following exaggerated claim

James Lee Mitchell (55) was sentenced on 24 July 2018 following a case brought by national law firm Weightmans on behalf of Circle Anglia Limited (now…

Suzanne Milne
Suzanne Milne Partner

“Lack of candour” lands Pursuer with expenses

The Inner House of the Court of Session has held that, while a pursuer’s claim for personal injuries had been exaggerated, it was not appropriate to…

Seonaid Busby
Seonaid Busby Partner

Civil Liability Bill introduced

The Bill will bring about the legislative change necessary to tackle much publicised issues surrounding reform of how the personal injury discount…

David Johnson
David Johnson Partner

PI awards can't be considered - provision for after-care

A local authority is still under a duty to provide after-care services to a claimant under section 117 of the Mental Health Act 1983

Morris Hill
Morris Hill Associate

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