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At Weightmans, we See the Possibility. For the future. For better relationships. For people.

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We're a top 40 UK law firm, with more than 1,400 people working from our offices in Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Newcastle.

See the Possibility — our purpose

Our purpose to See the Possibility flows through every aspect of how we do business and treat our people.

We See the Possibility in our business and our people

  • We strive for commercial success forged through ethical, transparent business.
  • Advocating for our firm, our colleagues and our clients.
  • Our genuine depth of knowledge and sector understanding makes us trusted advisors to our clients and powerful thought leaders for our industry.

We See the Possibility in doing the right thing

  • We are open and trustworthy
  • We take responsibility for our actions and act with integrity.
  • We know when to take calculated risks and put ourselves out there.
  • Self-aware and adaptable, we respond to challenges and tackle them candidly.

We See the Possibility in breaking new ground

  • Hungry for knowledge, we seek the art of the possible.
  • With our curious mindset, we are unafraid to explore new territories.
  • To challenge the status quo and to be passionate enthusiasts for innovation.

We See the Possibility for better relationships

  • For equality, fairness and for mutual respect.
  • In seeing each individual and treating everyone with empathy.
  • And we care for our colleagues and our clients.
  • We believe the power of teamwork and collaboration drives our collective success.

Our strengths

A leading national player in its client markets, Weightmans’ roots date back to the early 19th century. With 146 specialisms recognised and 453 experts listed in key legal directories, the firm offers a full spectrum of services to built environment enterprises, large corporate institutions, health organisations, insurance companies, public sector bodies, owner managed businesses and individual private clients.

We're well-equipped to provide a full legal service to all of our clients and have the resources to deal with the most demanding legal needs, both at home and overseas. We've built informal associations with law firms in most foreign jurisdictions, complementing the comprehensive range of legal services we provide.

Our vision and values

Our vision is to be a Top 30 law firm which sees the possibility for our people and our clients.

As a socially and environmentally conscious company, corporate social responsibility and environmental responsibility are important to us and we are proud to have a thriving programme in each of these areas.

Our values

Our values

Radical transparency

  • We are accountable
  • We do what we say we will do, individually and collectively
  • We keep our promises to each other and our clients.

Teamwork and respect

  • We are passionate and enthusiastic
  • We develop ourselves and each other
  • We are ambassadors for the firm internally and to our clients.


  • We put our clients and the firm first
  • We are entrepreneurial
  • We understand our and our clients' markets
  • We learn and improve.

Our board

Meet the team

Our history

We are a law firm with a long and proud heritage. Founded in 1827, we've grown from our Liverpool roots to become a leading national law firm. As a progressive firm, we're committed to our clients and our people, as well as constantly looking at ways of improving the service we provide.

We've significantly grown and adapted to the needs of our clients over the last two centuries — here's how we've evolved so far:

  1. 1797

    Vizards, an ancestor firm to Vizard Oldham, was established in Grays Inn by William Vizard. Clients included Queen Caroline, wife of George IV.

  2. 1811

    A predecessor firm to Watson Burton is founded in the North East.

  3. 1816

    A predecessor firm to Ford & Warren is established in Leeds.

  4. 1827

    Rutherfords established in Liverpool.

  5. 1849

    Edwards and Radcliffe established in Westminster. Clients included Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

  6. 1860

    J and RS Watson established in the north east by Robert Spence Watson and his father, Joseph Watson. The firm advised Joseph Swan on the patent protection of the carbon filament light bulb.

  7. 1875

    Field and Weightman established in Liverpool.

  8. 1878

    William Warren joins an already established practice in Leeds, creating Ford & Warren.

  9. 1881

    Le Brasseur and Oakley was founded in London by Robert Le Brasseur and Thomas Oakley.

  10. 1887

    Weightman Peddar and Weightman established in Liverpool.

  11. 1913

    Weightman Peddar and Weightman became known as Weightman Peddar.

  12. 1970

    Weightman Peddar became known as Weightmans.

  13. 1988

    Weightmans and Rutherfords merged to create Weightman Rutherfords.

  14. 1996

    Weightman Rutherfords changed its name to Weightmans and a Birmingham office was opened.

  15. 2001

    Radcliffes and Le Brasseur J Tickle merged to form RadcliffesLeBrasseur.

  16. 2002

    Weightmans merged with a team from Vizard Oldham and became Weightman Vizards — with offices in Birmingham, Leicester, Liverpool, London and Manchester.

  17. 2004

    Weightman Vizards changed its name back to Weightmans.

  18. 2007

    Weightmans converted to LLP status.

  19. 2011

    In April, Weightmans acquired the insurance practice of Vizards Wyeth, acquiring an office in Dartford.

    In May, Weightmans merged with North West firm, Mace & Jones.

  20. 2013

    In March, Weightmans acquired the Manchester team of Semple Fraser and opened a Glasgow office.

  21. 2015

    In July, Weightmans merged with Ford & Warren solicitors, acquiring a Leeds office.

  22. 2019

    In October, Weightmans acquired the business and assets of Watson Burton, adding an office in Newcastle.

  23. 2022

    In June, Weightmans and RadcliffesLeBrasseur completed a merger.

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