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Sensitive legal advice for the issues surrounding disputes involving children.

Child arrangements

Disputes about with which parent children should live and how they spend time with their other parent are not just limited to the time of a relationship breakdown. Difficulties can occur at any point until your children become adults.

Our family law team are experts when it comes to handling legal cases regarding children, including their living arrangements in the event of a divorce or separation.

Central to all these disputes are the children themselves. Co-operation between parents and a willingness to put the children's needs first will minimise the impact of separation on them. We can advise on non court based options for finding solutions, or court based litigation. We liaise with court-appointed experts and advise you on the use of independent experts where appropriate, . In every case, we help you to reach a solution that's in the best interests of your children.

We can also provide expert advice regarding plans to move abroad with a child, whether you're thinking of making such a move or are concerned that your ex-partner is considering to do so.

Parental responsibility

We can advise on issues of parental responsibility including drafting parental responsibility agreements and difficulties that arise in exercising that responsibility. These can include issues over schooling, religious upbringing and your child's health. You can rest assured that we deal with these matters sensitively and pragmatically, with a view to obtaining the best outcome with the least upset to all concerned.

Financial claims

Separate to child welfare issues are financial claims relating to children. We can advise on applications for child maintenance and assist in negotiations to reach child maintenance agreements on divorce/dissolution or separation. We also advise on making applications under Schedule 1 Children Act 1989, which may include a school fees orders. As well as representing parents, we act for children themselves in seeking, for example, maintenance for their university education.


When couples or single people join together to start a family – 'co-parenting' – we can advise on the legal status of co-parents and who will have (or may acquire) parental responsibility for any child, as well as the legal applications that may need to be made.


We can help you to fully understand the complicated legal position involved in taking the step of surrogacy, especially if there is a foreign surrogacy arrangement.

We offer a 30 minute consultation without charge on matters concerning children.

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