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Early careers

Here at Weightmans, we offer a range of programmes tailored for those who are looking to enter the firm and gain qualification. Our dedicated early careers team are available to advise on the qualification pathways available and the application process. The team also go on to support those who join the firm as they progress through the programmes.

What do we offer?

Apprenticeship academy

Our apprenticeship academy offers modern, cost-effective routes into the legal profession. You have the opportunity to earn while you learn and gain invaluable skills that will help you to quickly progress in your legal career. We currently offer:

With all of our apprenticeships, you will have one day each week dedicated to off-the-job study and you will then gain work-based experience on the four remaining days, thus enabling you to learn from leading experts in the legal field.

Training contracts in England and Scotland

For those looking to qualify as a solicitor who have already completed the Legal Practice Course, we do still offer training contracts. We recognise that with the changes introduced by the SRA, there will still be a transition period, and we want to ensure we are accessing the best people and are subsequently not missing out on any outstanding individuals.

We also offer a traineeship in our Glasgow office which is a 24-month training programme that also provides excellent training and experience across four six-month seats in different areas of the business. The traineeship will include the PEAT2 outcomes which are required for qualification to solicitor and we offer funding for PEAT 1 for those who have not yet completed it.

Work experience

We understand how difficult it can be to secure work experience, especially over the last two years, so we do not expect those applying for our early careers roles to have gained work experience. However, we recognise how important it is to gain an insight into a career before you commit to training with a firm, so we offer work experience programmes which have been designed to equip those interested in applying with key information and skills.

Our legal work experience programme is for those in year 12 onwards and you can apply to attend our summer vacation scheme if you are interested in our graduate solicitor apprenticeship or training contract.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals with potential and the drive and determination to succeed. Our aim is that our qualified solicitors will possess the below competencies as they progress through and complete their programme.

These competencies are also used to help shape our early careers recruitment processes, we assess for potential in these areas but we do not expect experience.

  • Reasons and problem solves effectively with complex data and information and learns quickly
  • Plans, organises, prioritises and manages resources and time
  • IT literate
  • Has a strong commercial focus
  • Emotionally resilient, mature and positive when the going gets tough
  • Customer-centric — both internal and external
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Demonstrates integrity
  • Is achievement-driven, shows initiative, takes responsibility with a ‘can do’
  • Committed to continuous improvement
  • Attends to the detail and is quality minded
  • Self‐aware — knows own strengths and weaknesses
  • Demonstrates effective communication both verbally and in writing
  • Assertive and socially confident
  • Influential and persuasive
  • Team player and team builder who networks effectively
  • Diplomatic, tactful and empathic
  • Interpersonally skilled, reads people and situations and then adapts accordingly
  • Aware of and propagates a positive and professional image and persona

Meet the early careers team

Denise Wright — Early Careers Specialist
Marc Prats — Early Careers Development Adviser
Siobhan Jesson — Early Careers Adviser
Megan Melia — Early Careers Coordinator

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