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Subrogated recovery claim solicitors

Our subrogation and recovery experts provide a dedicated legal service for the recovery of losses arising from property damage.

Recovery of the cost of damages to property caused by third parties can be a complex, lengthy process involving large sums of money. For the insurers and companies concerned, the key requirement is satisfactory settlement as early as possible, with minimum outlay of time and resources. Specialist expertise based on an in-depth understanding of the technical issues and legal procedures involved becomes crucial in this situation.

Our subrogation team has extensive experience in this area and provides consultancy services to a wide range of insurers, self-insured companies and businesses in the construction, retail and leisure industries. We regularly advise on claims ranging from smaller amounts to multi-million pound values and have a consistent track record in raising the percentage of successful recoveries.

We understand the issues that concern you most as a client, particularly the commercial environment you operate in and the financial pressures you're under. Whether as an insurer seeking a rapid recovery of your outlays or a business subject to a large deductible on your policy, we focus on your main objectives and work closely with you to resolve every case efficiently and effectively.

Our experts appreciate the importance of front-loading the recovery so that the claim can be pursued quickly and energetically. To that end, we encourage third parties to make early offers and instigate joint investigations so the claim can reach settlement or go to alternative dispute resolution without unnecessary delay.

For insurers, we ensure that the recovery is run parallel to the adjustment of the claim, enabling you to recover funds at the same time as incurring your outlay, without waiting for final adjustment. At the same time, we help you to reserve against losses more effectively by bringing forward settlement dates and enabling you to estimate settlement values more accurately.

In many cases, our recovery service can be run under a collective conditional fee agreement, giving you a risk-free option. Both in terms of cost and delivery, we tailor our service to your individual needs, providing cost-effective performance without compromising on quality and helping you to manage claims as successfully as possible.

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