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Sexual Misconduct Complaints Navigate the complexities of Sexual Misconduct Complaints at Universities

The requirement for Universities to effectively handle Sexual Misconduct complaints is not something to be taken lightly. The impact of getting it wrong can lead to reputational damage, a complaint to OIA – or even a claim. Our Sexual Misconduct online tool will give your colleagues the confidence to handle Sexual Misconduct complaints quickly and compliantly.  Our Resolve team can advise on policy and procedure, can provide complaint handling services and conduct investigations.

Designed in collaboration with Universities

The Sexual Misconduct tool guides university staff to assess key issues and follow the correct internal processes when they receive a complaint of sexual misconduct from a student.  Students need complaints to be dealt with quickly and fairly, Universities need to make appropriate, timely decisions, to manage the impact of these types of complaints.

Weightmans Higher Education lawyers have developed this tool with support from University clients, to help your colleagues:

  • navigate these complex complaints
  • be responsive
  • make decisions with confidence
  • progress without delay
  • reduce disruption to those people affected
  • fairly assess the complaint
  • make appropriate decisions as the complaint progresses

We have noticed a sizeable increase in the number of Sexual Misconduct complaints from our clients, but have also noticed that the same issues and questions are being raised. In response to this, our tool takes the user through a series of key questions about the complaint, presents the users with options (accompanied by relevant information) to support their decision-making based on the facts of the complaint – helping the user conclude the complaint quickly and compliantly whilst creating an audit trail via a risk-based report.  The report records the factual basis for decisions reached and collates information for internal reporting.  Your colleagues will gain a knowledge base for navigating sensitive complaints and develop the confidence to respond effectively. 

To help you navigate more general complex university complaints and seasonal spikes in complaints in a fixed fee, price certain way, take a look at Weightmans Resolve product.

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