Risk management and contract advice

Effective risk management is essential in any construction project, from inception to completion.  You need to know that your time and resources are put to the best use without the distractions that disputes can present. 

Our team can help to manage risk throughout all stages of the process, from negotiation of terms to providing advice on how to interpret and effectively use contracts, drawing on a breadth and depth of experience in recognising risk and how to mitigate it.

We work with our clients to identify their business needs and objectives, providing advice on how best to structure projects, identify potential issues and allocate key risks.  This approach enables our clients to avoid costly disputes from the outset and focus on the task in hand.

We understand that risk management doesn’t end when a contract is signed.  We can provide regular project reviews and risk assessments or refer you to experienced industry professionals who can provide technical or commercial reviews. Our experience in dealing with claims including delay, defects, payment and more means that our clients can rely on our clear, commercially focussed advice at the earliest sign of a dispute, resolving issues early and making contracts work.

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Paul Lowe
Paul Lowe Associate
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