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Property damage solicitors

Our property damage solicitors provide advice on all types of property damage and the efficient resolution of related claims.

High-value property damage and business interruption claims are, by their nature, complex and can happen anywhere in the world. They can result from hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, explosions, floods, subsidence, mechanical failure or social and political unrest, and in the context of commercial, construction, distribution, engineering, energy, industrial, leisure or retail projects.

Weightmans' expert property damage solicitors advise large corporate businesses, professionals, insurers, intermediaries and reinsurers on the drafting, review, interpretation and application of insurance and reinsurance cover on a global basis.

Whatever the size, nature or location of your activities, we can help you to manage and resolve claims efficiently and effectively for the best possible outcome. We deal with every aspect of claims resolution, including negotiated settlement, mediation and arbitration or court proceedings.

Our services are especially relevant if your business includes overseas operations, as we have long-standing experience in working with the best technical experts and lawyers in other jurisdictions and advising on disputes internationally.

We're skilled in reviewing and interpreting all types of property damage and business interruption insurance and reinsurance policies, whether as part of an All Risks cover or separate EAR/CAR/DSU/ALOP or operational policies.

Examples of our work include advising in relation to a fire at a radiological centre on Harley Street; large scale flooding following environmental incident, turbine failures at a power plant in India; a mine wall collapse in Africa; an explosion at a copper smelter in the USA; a damaged hotel in the British Virgin Islands, plant failure at an aluminium smelters in Africa and Northern Europe and losses following the Chilean earthquake.

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