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In an ever-evolving ESG landscape, we recognise the importance of having strong policies and procedures in place that factor in all elements of ESG and enable businesses to deliver services to the best possible standard. 

We understand our clients’ needs when it comes to ESG and decision making, and we believe we can help organisations across the sectors we operate in prepare for the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapidly changing ESG areas.

We have developed a package of ESG-related services that reflect the growing need for dedicated ESG legal support, and we’re able to provide support both in relation to broader strategic ESG requirements and in relation to specific ESG areas.

Examples of our ESG legal services are below.

Our ESG legal services

These services are an evolution of the work we have traditionally done for our clients as they encounter new opportunities and challenges. Often these challenges and opportunities arise from developments in the applicable legal/regulatory frameworks meaning we are well-placed to support our clients.

Examples of our work on ESG issues

Specific examples of our work in some of these areas include:

  • Natural capital investing — Advising a natural capital broker on their business model — brokering deals between corporates seeking to offset their carbon emissions as part of their net zero plans and landowners looking to diversify their income streams. Our work included the creation of standard investment documents for use between the parties that the broker would use as part of its package of services for corporates and landowners
  • Circular economy — Advising a pharmaceutical company on the application of UK waste controls to its plans for an inhaler recycling programme. We worked with the client to understand its proposals, overlaid the UK regulator controls and then reflected certain requirements in the various agreements between the parties involved in the provision of the services to ensure compliance with applicable controls and the proper allocation of risk
  • Human rights — Advising public authorities in relation to the application of humans rights to their activities and related human rights claims
  • Digital transformation — the creation of AI and other tech solutions to support our clients' compliance with applicable legal controls

We have a market-leading team of lawyers experienced in dealing with ESG issues that can help you navigate your business through the challenges and opportunities presented by ESG. To find out more about how we can assist you, please contact Simon Colvin.

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We can help you navigate your business through the challenges and opportunities presented by ESG.

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