Landlord and tenant

A full range of services for landlords and tenants, including lease renewals, variations and surrenders.

The relationship between landlord and tenant has plenty of potential for problems. Beyond the contract there's a raft of laws to negotiate covering the rights and obligations of each.

This is where our specialist lawyers step in to take away the worry for you. Our real estate team is on hand to advise on a range of tricky scenarios. We offer ongoing training and updates on your legal requirements to help you stay informed of the latest developments.

We're not just there for the headaches – we're always on hand for everyday arrangements such as heads of terms, helping your transaction to progress as quickly as possible. Getting professional support early on in negotiations is always the best course to avoid issues later on, and we can guide you through the process to achieve a fair contractual agreement that protects your commercial interests.

Developed as a convenient solution to help landlords and tenants handle their portfolios more effectively, whatever their size, our Property View tool can help you keep track of all your property documentation.

Possession and Unlawful Profit Orders

The case of Poplar HARCA v Begum and Rohim, appealed recently to the High Court, concerned repossession of assured tenancies and Unlawful Profit…

Landlord and tenant - accepting surrender and waiving right to forfeit

Disputes between residential landlords and their tenants continue to reach the courts, even in the current climate. In these legal battles, it is…

David Tabinor
David Tabinor Partner

Break clauses: failure to comply strictly with notice requirements may not always be fatal

There have always been challenges to the validity of break notices and there will always be more challenges where the market favours the tenant.

Matthew Lake
Matthew Lake Associate

Assignment of rent: an effective remedy against defaulting borrowers?

The property market is still volatile despite rising property prices, and it remains a tricky time for lenders.

David Tabinor
David Tabinor Partner

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