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Transport Manager Comply Don’t risk your operator’s licence, your business or worse – criminal prosecution by taking HGV and trailer inspection results at face value.

Transport Manager Comply

You are accountable as Directors and Transport Managers to do everything you can to make sure vehicle and trailer inspections are carried out compliantly. Our Transport Manager Comply product will guide your team in identifying areas of non-compliance within your fleet management operations – so you can address issues before it’s too late.

Inspired by the DVSA’s own maintenance inspection audit process.

Transport Manager Comply, designed by expert transport regulatory lawyers with many years of experience representing transport operators in criminal and regulatory proceedings, takes the user through a series of pathways, referencing relevant Government guidance at every key point in the process.

Having represented transport clients at hearings before the Traffic Commissioner and during DVSA regulatory investigation, we know exactly what the “red flags” are that the regulator will focus on. The tool is designed to actively guide users through a process to validate the key areas the Traffic Commissioner, police and DVSA inspect when it comes to vehicle maintenance. This gives you, the Transport Manager, Company Director, Fleet Manager the confidence that due process is being followed and any issues are being identified, reported and addressed.

Our aim is to make the road a safer place for all road users and help you remain compliant.

  • This stand-alone tool does not have to be integrated into any existing systems. It has been designed as a GDPR compliance system, storing almost no data.
  • Take away the guess work, by incorporating guidance notes taken directly from Government sources
  • Provide a process to follow – and lay an audit trail, by sending a copy of the report to the user
  • Produce reports that identify areas of risk so these can be addressed
  • Prove you have put the correct processes and systems in place to identify issues
  • Ensure that your transport management team are conducting thorough and effective fleet maintenance inspection quality control checks
  • Give your team the support they need to investigate and challenge poor maintenance standards across your fleet
  • Produce an audit trail that you can rely upon during any regulatory investigation
  • Ensure that your management team have advanced warning of any compliance issues developing
  • Help your business and directors comply with the conditions of your operator’s licence
  • Reduce your risk

Extend the tool to your requirements and apply your own branding.

Weightmans flexible approach to development allows our clients to venture down a bespoke path, developing your own version of the application while maintaining the integrity of a lawyer-developed tool.

We start with a branded stand-alone instance of the application, and allow you to mould the application to your own processes with customisations to the question flow, output, reporting and more.                         

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