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Our experienced water sector lawyers act for a number of licensed water companies, providing them with the full range of legal services.

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We act for a number of licensed water companies providing them with the full range of legal services. We recognise and understand the pressures they are subject to from Ofwat and other regulators such as the EA, SEPA and NRW. We know the absolute focus they have on delivering exceptional client service and work with them to achieve their goals.

Through our work, we have developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of:

  • the work of Ofwat including price reviews and asset management plans
  • the Water Industry Act and the powers and rights that water companies have; and
  • the risks associated with operating in such sensitive environments.

We are members of the Institute of Water and write regularly for Utility Week.

Relevant experience

  • Advising on the legal obligations and risks associated with operating reservoirs and specifically flooding;
  • Advising on compensation claims pursuant to the WIA 1991
  • Advising on multiple claims in relation to bursts and leaks associated with the ‘Beast from the East’
  • Advising on enforcement action and prosecutions arising from water pollution events and environmental damage, including civil sanctions
  • The provision of GDPR advice in relation to customers and their details
  • Advising on business disruption in compensation claims under Schedule 12 of the WIA 1991 or section 209 of the Act
  • We have expertise in cases involving escape of water under section 209 WIA, in particular from reservoirs and a water company’s liability under Rylands v Fletcher, statute, legislation, the law of nuisance and negligence. We see this as a growing area of concern by reason of climate change
  • Advising in connection with asset damage and recoverability of complex losses involving a novel point on recoverability of Outcome Delivery Incentives (ODI’s)
  • Advising on rights and liabilities of sewage undertakers under the WIA 1991
  • Experience in disputes arising under the statutory scheme New Roads and Street Works Act 1991
  • Advising in respect of a number of claims arising out of damage to the highway and canal caused by a landslide
  • Advising on a £multi-million-pound claim after an escape of water from a mains water supply which caused significant damage to a hospital built under a PFI arrangement. Analysis of liability associated with design and construction and contribution claim against the contractors
  • Advising in relation to consumer complaints made to Ofwat and Consumer Council for Water.

Our team can also provide expert services in:


Other water sub sectors

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