Cyber risks and disputes

Detailed knowledge and legal expertise to protect your IT systems and recover losses.

Cyber risks arising from the failure of IT systems are growing areas of concern and potential vulnerability for all organisations, whether public or private sector, as dependency on IT and internet use underpins all activity.

Reliance on your computers and computer networks is unavoidable – so how can you recoup your losses if a cyber attack or unforeseen event such as a flood or fire brings your systems down? As ever, prevention is better than cure. Our cyber risk team is on hand to help you prepare for a possible cyber security breach, helping you to assess potential risk, establish policies and processes that are fit for purpose, address crisis planning and manage IP and IT protocols, including data protection.

Beyond the pressing threat of cyber risks, the ever-growing use of IT by businesses of all sizes has inevitably brought with it the potential for a multitude of disputes between sellers/resellers and purchasers/end users of hardware and software. Typically, IT disputes stem from disagreements over the scope and level of functionality or a delay in the delivery of a project.

We have considerable experience of advising in connection with both cyber risks and IT disputes, which are often business critical, to best meet our client's commercial needs and objectives. This can range from untangling contractual obligations to salvage a project to working with counsel specialising in cyber risk and IT disputes to provide full support and assistance, particularly where urgent action or some form of interim relief is required.

We can advise on the selection of suitably experienced and qualified independent IT experts where it is necessary to establish the nature and cause of a particular technical issue and/or to help identify possible solutions.

Whilst we'll always make every effort to resolve disputes as speedily as possible without escalating to arbitration or litigation, if this doesn't represent the best commercial option we can assist by advising on termination rights, exit strategies and re-procurement.

For in-depth advice on IT issues, cyber security and risk, insurance and litigation and preliminary advice on costs, talk to our specialist team.

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