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Children and Relationship Breakdown Podcast Series Helping parents to resolve children disputes for a better outcome.

Welcome to our children and relationship breakdown podcast series.

In our series of podcasts, we'll guide you through the legal process for resolving disputes involving children following relationship breakdown. We can help you understand the process, terminology, and the steps you can take to achieve a better outcome for your family. We also answer many questions frequently asked by parents.

How the Family Court makes Orders

In the first episode, Fiona Turner discusses how the Family Court goes about deciding what Order to make when there is a dispute or concern about a child and an application has been made to the court for an outcome.

Non-court options

Fiona O'Sullivan discusses the options that are available to resolve a dispute relating to children without recourse to the court.

Types of Orders the Family Court can make

Tania Derrett-Smith takes a closer look at the types of Orders that the Family Court can make if there is a dispute or concern about a child.

Parental responsibility

Emma Collins discusses parental responsibility and what that means from a practical perspective for parents.

Grandparents' rights

Fiona Davidson looks at how the court deals with court applications brought by grandparents who have a dispute or concern about a child.

What is the process if a court application is brought?

Louise Walker looks at the court process if an application is made to the court about a dispute or concern about a child. 


If you'd like to discuss any of the issues raised in this series, please contact our child law solicitors.