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Green and sustainable finance Leading by example when it comes to sustainable banking

Green and sustainable finance

Embedding best practice within our business

Here at Weightmans, we adopt environmental best practice in the way that we operate pursuant to our ESG plan, Net Zero Strategy and our ISO14001 and 50001 certifications. We have recently been accepted as a signatory to the UNGC10 and are subject to the SECR and ESOS regimes. These obligations/commitments require us to set targets, be externally audited and report on our progress/emissions on an annual basis in relation to carbon reduction, waste management and energy efficiency.

We are required to report our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions pursuant to SECR. For our 2021/22 financial year our gross scope 1&2 emissions amounted to 539.48 tCO2e. Our scope 3 emissions amounted to 32.18 tCO2e. We are legally obliged to continue reporting pursuant to SECR. We also record paper consumption/printing. In 2021/22 we used 85.5% less paper than in our baseline year 2016.

We have a dedicated team of finance and banking specialist, advising on green finance, from green projects to establishing energy and environmental funds.

Collaborate with clients and the services we provide

  • We support the Chancery Lane Project in creating a precedent bank of climate aligned clauses and make use of relevant clauses where appropriate.
  • We are signatories to the Greener Litigation Pledge which seeks to ensure that any litigation is conducted in the least environmentally impactful manner possible – we separately collect at least four waste streams in each of our offices, limited travel, limited paper/resource use, consideration given to ‘greener’ court orders, and maximising the use of technology. We adopt this philosophy generally in relation to the way we work with and support clients in all practice areas.
  • We offer a dedicated range of ESG related services in relation to Greenwashing, Environmental Compliance, Renewable Energy/Decarbonisation, Natural Capital Services and Green Finance. 
  • We offer our clients access to a range of related ESG value added services surrounding Green finance including training webinars and thought leadership articles.
  • We can advise clients on all aspect of green finance, whether through the establishment of energy and environmental funds, to advising on strategic financial alliances on high profile green projects.
  • We help to upskill clients and their teams in relation to relevant ESG considerations on finance impacting their activities and operations.
  • We are supported by qualified internal & external experts, and given our experiences of establishing firm wide baseline, measuring & reporting emissions performance and implementing measures for further reduction, we are confident of replicating existing practices to deliver emissions & resources usage reduction during this contract. 

To find out more about how we can help you with green and sustainable finance, please don't hesitate to contact our team via the details below.

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