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Risk management services Our team of experts will help you manage risk and respond to incidents.

What are the biggest risks to your business – a fire, a formal investigation or a fatality on site? Would you and your employees know what to do if the worst happened?

Our approach to risk management - prevent, contain and learnManaging risk plays a part in almost every business from providing a safe working environment for employees, to investing in the latest software that will protect valuable data. Unfortunately, things do occasionally go wrong and the human, commercial and reputational repercussions can be devastating. Weightmans risk management services offers an end to end risk management package which helps you identify potential risks to your organisation, provides swift, effective management should a crisis occur, and a post-crisis review to highlight lessons learned.

We’ve worked with clients of all sizes across a range of sectors to identify, plan ahead for and manage their business risk. Depending on the complexity of the business, the risks can include one or many of those highlighted below. Detailed information on each risk is available on request.

  • Regulatory issues (including health & safety and crime)
  • Data protection/cyber resilience and incident response
  • People issues (including immigration and safeguarding)
  • Business crime/competition
  • Environmental issues (e.g. spillages, damage to buildings)
  • Insolvency
  • Sports regulatory
  • Aviation
  • Defamation/reputational issues – due to one or more of the above

How we can help

We recognise that no two organisations are the same, so we’ve kept our three services 'Prevent, Contain and Learn' comprehensive enough to stand alone, but flexible enough to sit alongside your existing risk management provision:


Risk assessment & prevention services

Our risk assessment & prevention services - audit, training and horizon scanning

From experience, time invested in the assessment and prevention phase dramatically reduces the chance of a crisis occurring and significantly limits it’s impact should the unforeseen happen.

Audit: a comprehensive audit of your policies and procedures in line with legal and regulatory obligations, as well as their understanding and adaptation by employees, suppliers and contractors

Training: to help you and your staff better understand your legal and compliance requirements. Training will be delivered in format to suit you by the Weightmans team and our third partycyber and media experts, where specialist expertise is required.

Horizon scanning: using our legislative updates and predictive analytics to help you predict potential risks and plan for the future.


Crisis Management Services

Our crisis management services - damage limitation, media and reputation management, legal liability limitation, dealing with employee wellbeing issues and co-ordinating third party experts

Immediate on the ground 24/7 advice and support during the ‘fire-fighting’ stage of the crisis, focusing on:

  • Damage limitation
  • Media and reputation management (working closely with any existing in-house PR personnel)
  • Legal liability limitation and evidence preservation
  • Employee wellbeing issues
  • Co-ordinating third party experts to deliver a seamless service


Post-crisis Support Services

Our post-crisis support services - advice on consequential litigation and media and reputation management

Advice on any consequential litigation, analysing the legal and practical lessons learned and feeding these back into the prevention phase to minimise the recurrence of a similar crisis in the future.

Expert support

Our broad range of Risk Management Services is supported by a national law firm which is renowned for its legal expertise, sector knowledge and client care. For certain specialist elements of the service such as media liaison, reputational management and cyber crises, we have engaged trusted third party experts who are available 24/7 to work with us throughout the incident.

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Need more information?

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