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Cameron v Hussain, LV and MIB - Normal 'service' is resumed for untraced driver cases

Weightmans' success for MIB in the Supreme Court

David Holt
David Holt Partner
Interim rights under the New Telecommunications Code and the need to proceed quickly

One important feature of the new Electronic Communications Code (“the Code”) is the obligation it places on the Tribunal to resolve dispute without…

Philip Taylor
Philip Taylor Associate

An employers guide to GDPR

What has GDPR meant for employers? We offer guidance for employers on the key issues.

Ross Hutchison Associate

Does the new Telecoms Code authorise preliminary site suitability surveys?

Does the new Telecoms Code give the Tribunal power to impose an agreement allowing access to a building to investigate its suitability for the…

Philip Taylor
Philip Taylor Associate

Specific performance for breach of repairing covenant at Beetham Tower

If a landlord has breached its repairing obligation, the landlord will need to carry out the repairs in accordance with the terms of the lease.

Peter Hall
Peter Hall Associate

Case update | Premier Taxis v Mann Limbu

We were instructed by Tesco Underwriting to defend a credit hire claim brought by a Taxi Company

Love is in the air?

Love is in the air with Valentines Day upon us for another year, but reports of the shortest marriage in Kuwait’s history warn of the dangers when…

Fiona O'Sullivan
Fiona O'Sullivan Consultant

Social Housing case update | Smailes & Poyner-Smailes v Clewer Court Residents Limited

The Claimants purchased the leasehold of a flat in a converted Victorian building. The lease that they signed contains an absolute prohibition on…

Sian Evans
Sian Evans Partner

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