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LVI - A fresh approach for defendants

It is no secret that despite the fact that we're driving much safer cars and the total number of accidents is falling, whiplash claims are on the…

NYPE Interclub Agreement: beware conflicting time bars

Where there are different claim time limits in the same charterparty, which limit should the parties adhere to?

Phil James
Phil James Partner

The cost of reasonable adjustments

The duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled staff is arguably the foundation stone of the disability provisions under the Equality Act 2010.

Mark Landon
Mark Landon Partner

Athens Convention: Passenger injury claims in International Waters

When a passenger is injured in international waters, who bears the burden of proof and when might a prima facie case of negligence arise and be…

Deck Cargo and the Hague-Visby Rules

This recent decision deals with an issue of whether the Hague-Visby Rules applied to a carriage contract in circumstances where the cargo was carried…

Are you being served?

Proper service of a claim form is fundamentally important and, in principle, it should be easy to do. However, due a combination of the complicated…

Jeff Turton
Jeff Turton Associate

Delay and interim orders in regulatory proceedings

A look at the court's consideration of 'delay' in applications by healthcare regulators to extend interim orders imposed on practitioners'…

Simon Turner
Simon Turner Partner

A basic guide to disclosure

Part 31 of the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 deals with disclosure and inspection of documents. We take a look at your obligations.

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