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Delay and interim orders in regulatory proceedings

A look at the court's consideration of 'delay' in applications by healthcare regulators to extend interim orders imposed on practitioners'…

Simon Turner
Simon Turner Partner

A basic guide to disclosure

Part 31 of the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 deals with disclosure and inspection of documents. We take a look at your obligations.

Hague Visby Rules – cargo damage and the shifting burden

Milan Nigeria Ltd v Angeliki B Maritime Company [2011 EWHC 892 (Comm) (The "Angeliki B")

Voyage charters and demurrage: interpreting strike exceptions

In a berth charter, can a laytime exclusion – here a strike preventing loading or discharging – rescue charterers from a demurrage claim?

Michael Burns
Mike Burns Partner

Offshore injury and governing law

When an accident occurs at sea, which law governs liability for injuries sustained? This recent case demonstrates the court’s approach to this…

Breakdown of relationships justifies dismissal

If an employee is dismissed as a result of a breakdown of trust and confidence, should the dismissal be for misconduct or for 'some other substantial…

Phil Allen
Phil Allen Partner

Supreme Court decision in the textile deafness litigation

The Supreme Court has handed down Judgment in the first noise induced hearing loss claim to reach either the House of Lords or the Supreme Court.

Jim Byard
Jim Byard Partner

Continuing duty of care to former employees

It's long been established that an employer providing a reference owes the relevant employee a duty to take reasonable care in the preparation of the…

Mark Landon
Mark Landon Partner

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