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The last chance saloon: hire default and anti technicality notices

Charter termination and withdrawal has been a feature of the shipping landscape since the 2008 market slump.

Michael Burns
Mike Burns Partner

Colour Quest Ltd v Total Downstream UK Plc

In December 2005, there was a huge explosion at the Buncefield Oil Storage Terminal caused by the negligent overfilling of a fuel storage tank.

Ling Ong
Ling Ong Partner

Port or berth charter - who pays for delay?

As between owners and charterers, who is responsible for delay in loading a vessel following its arrival at the load port?

Phil James
Phil James Partner

Assignment of rent: an effective remedy against defaulting borrowers?

The property market is still volatile despite rising property prices, and it remains a tricky time for lenders.

David Tabinor
David Tabinor Partner

Pension loss calculations in disease claims

In May 2007 the 6th edition of The Ogden Tables was published which fundamentally altered the methodology for the calculation of future loss of…

Paul Debney
Paul Debney Partner

Provisional damages - familiarity breeding contempt?

Asbestos specialists face regular claims for provisional damages. Claimants generally seek conditions which pivot around four deteriorations or future…

TUPE: The difficulties in disease litigation

A look at the difficulties in determining the correct defendant in occupational disease litigation where the claimant has been TUPE transferred.

Lisa Watson Associate

Private prosecutions

There have been discussions recently on the potential for bringing private prosecutions against those involved in staging RTAs and other types of…

Iain Davison
Iain Davison Partner

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