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Successor practice - pitfalls and premiums

In these tough financial times, law firms are considering mergers and acquisitions in order to consolidate their position in the market.

BIFA Terms revisited: time bar and set off

This case reinforces the market understanding that the BIFA 9 month time limitation, and prohibition of setting off against charges, are reasonable.

Michael Burns
Mike Burns Partner

Chasing debts and harassment claims

In these uncertain times, traders & directors must do everything in their power to ensure that their businesses do not get affected by economic…

Roddy Macleod
Roddy Macleod Partner

Contaminated foodstuffs

Few things can ruin a food company's reputation faster than a foreign body complaint. KFC have long been dogged with the urban myth about a Kentucky…

David Lewis
David Lewis Senior Partner

Stress claims - how to prevent them

You can hardly pick up a newspaper today without reading an article on somebody suffering from stress.

Roddy Macleod
Roddy Macleod Partner

Limitation matters - or does it?

It may seem to defendants that courts no longer consider the issue to be important and that the chances of succeeding with a limitation defence are…

Rob Williams
Rob Williams Partner

NHS charges – changes in sight?

With significant public sector budget cuts, Peter Forshaw considers insurance industry concerns of an extension to the NHS Injury Cost Recovery…

Peter Forshaw
Peter Forshaw Partner

Disciplinary defence costs

The LSB has approved proposals to scrap the right of solicitors to claim defence costs through their insurance when faced with disciplinary…

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