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Supreme Court finds drug smugglers were not acting maliciously

Where a vessel was detained after being used by smugglers in an attempt to export drugs, the shipowner could not claim in respect of the constructive…

Phil James
Phil James Partner

Burt Neil v Cheshire West & Chester Council

Recorder Searle held that the claimant had fabricated the accident and that his claim was fundamentally dishonest.

Suzanne Milne
Suzanne Milne Partner

How to fund your family law case

Solicitor Matthew Taylor advises how to deal with financing legal proceedings following a high profile divorce case last month..

Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor Solicitor

Government publishes new clean air strategy

Air pollution caused by tyre and brake wear will be tackled under new government plans to reduce air pollution levels. The Department for Environment,…

Jim Byard
Jim Byard Partner

Brexit: is it about to become more difficult to enforce judgments against defendants in the EU?

One of the advantages of being a member of the EU has been our participation in the EU-wide system for the recognition and enforcement of judgments…

Andrew Cromby
Andrew Cromby Partner

Constructive dismissal clarified by Court of Appeal case

Constructive dismissal is notoriously tricky. Employees often allege that their employer has breached the implied term of mutual ‘trust and…

Ben Daniel
Ben Daniel Partner

Fasting and feasting: supporting Muslim Employees during Ramadan and Eid-Al-Fitr

For some employees, Ramadan will have little impact but for others Ramadan may greatly impact on their work. Employers should therefore give some…

Claire Hollins Associate

Gig-economy latest: important new decision from the EAT

In the latest case to tackle the issue of employment rights in the so-called ‘gig-economy’ the Employment Appeal Tribunal has held that an ostensibly…

Mandy Higgins
Mandy Higgins Partner

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