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Fantastic exceptions to QOCS and where to find them - part 2

Court of Appeal ratifies High Court in case where QOCS exception applies to a claimant

Martin Forshaw
Martin Forshaw Partner

The Environmental Bill

The Government has introduced, potentially, the most significant development in environmental law since 1990.

Simon Colvin
Simon Colvin Partner

Jersey based charitable trust exempt from UK Inheritance Tax

UK Supreme Court has ruled this week that a legacy to a Jersey charitable trust is exempt from UK Inheritance Tax (IHT).

Lorraine Wilson
Lorraine Wilson Solicitor

User’s active consent is required by websites for use of cookies

The CJEU has ruled that active consent is required from online users in order for website operators to store tracking cookies on their computers

Claimant given permission to rely on covert recording of defendant’s medical examination

Calls from the Judiciary for APIL and FOIL to agree protocol for the recording of medico legal examinations

Liam McGuire
Liam McGuire Partner

Idu v East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

Conduct associated with a doctor's work does not necessarily mean that it relates to their "professional conduct", decides Court of Appeal

Ian Pace
Ian Pace Principal Associate

CQC fines NHS trust £16,250 for 13 breaches of duty of candour

NHS trust fined over £16,000 for 13 duty of candour breaches following incidents of significant harm.

Richard Jolly
Richard Jolly Partner

Court of Protection clarifies rules for gifts made under Lasting Powers of Attorney

The Office of the Public Guardian has provided guidance for attorneys who make gifts on behalf of donors whose interests they represent and protect.

Shahida Jogi
Shahida Jogi Associate

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