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The Civil Liability Bill marches on

On 23 October 2018 the Bill stepped closer to enactment when it cleared the House of Commons final attempt by those opposed to the Bill to frustrate…

Kurt Rowe
Kurt Rowe Associate

Defendants are entitled to pre action disclosure of impecuniosity evidence

This update discusses the recent decision of His Honour Judge Robert Harrison in the Cardiff County Court when determining seven pre-action disclosure…

The danger of non-disclosure in acquisitions

The importance of sellers of shares or assets ensuring they adequately disclose against the warranties they give in the acquisition agreement has…

Michael Budd Associate

Spreading the net on vicarious liability

The Court of Appeal has confirmed that an employer can be vicariously liable for the wrongful acts by its employees done with the intention of harming…

Peter Forshaw
Peter Forshaw Partner

Highway Code - Review due for 2019

Last Thursday the Department for Transport (“DfT”) announced a proposed update of the Highway Code, to further codify driving practices intended to…

Are non-molestation orders being used fraudulently?

The Guardian has recently reported that the charity, Families Need Fathers, are alleging non-molestation orders are being exploited and used…

Linzi Perriman
Linzi Perriman Solicitor

Ethnicity pay gap reporting: the Government consults

The Government has published a consultation paper on introducing mandatory pay gap reporting on ethnicity grounds.

Paul McFarlane
Paul McFarlane Partner

Countdown to the disclosure pilot scheme: views from some architects of previous disclosure rules

First published on Practical Law Dispute Resolution ©2018 Thomson Reuters. Reproduced with the permission of the publishers.

Mark Surguy
Mark Surguy Partner

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