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Civil Liability Bill update - Whiplash Injury Regulations

Last week we saw the release of the Whiplash Injury Regulations, providing further insight into the detail of the Civil Liability Bill.

Kurt Rowe
Kurt Rowe Associate

Inheritance tax is dead! Long live… inheritance tax?

How should we be taxed when passing on our wealth? The Intergenerational Commission gave its answer in a new report on the future of inheritance tax.

Richard Leslie
Richard Leslie Consultant

Sharing company ownership

A carefully considered and tailored shareholders agreement can provide real value, particularly for an owner bringing in co shareholders for the first…

Catherine Hendy
Catherine Hendy Associate

Liability takes a holiday

A travel company was not liable for the sexual assault and rape of a holidaymaker by a member of staff at the hotel where she was staying.

Peter Forshaw
Peter Forshaw Partner

The low road, the high road or the highway to hell?

The inherent risks of a sporting event and competitor conduct remain crucial when establishing liability.

Bruce Ralston
Bruce Ralston Partner

Fair Deal is still on the local government agenda but implementation has been further delayed

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has issued its long awaited response to the Fair Deal consultation we commented on in 2016

Jane Marshall
Jane Marshall Partner

Visibility for highway users – what is required?

A landowner owed no duty of care to a highway user in respect of vegetation on its land that impaired visibility but where the vegetation was not on…

Peter Wake
Peter Wake Partner

Demurrage, Detention and Delays by Agreement

High Court rules that the unplanned laytime of a vessel did not fall within the terms of the contract of sale

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