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Brexit and beyond - Termination for insolvency

Victoria Robertson sets out her view upon the proposed legislative changes upon the right to terminate for insolvency.

An update on fines issued under GDPR

Natasha Jordan provides an update on fines levied under the GDPR.

Sean Crotty
Sean Crotty Partner

Entrepreneurs’ Relief – Post Budget 2018

Entrepreneurs’ Relief is a tax relief that applies to the sale of certain qualifying business assets and which operates so as to apply a rate of…

Haydn Rogan
Haydn Rogan Partner

LEGAL ANALYSIS: Why it's important to get condition precedents right

The terms of a condition precedent have been the subject of judicial analysis in a recent Court of Appeal decision

Michael Budd Associate

Immigration post Brexit: The Government White Paper explained

Analysing the details of the Government's immigration white paper, “The UK’s future skills-based immigration system”.

Elaine McIlroy - Glasgow employment lawyer
Elaine McIlroy Partner

“Better late than never” no longer safely applies to civil litigation

A reminder was provided to practitioners that directions must be complied with, failing which there may be drastic consequences

Iain Davison
Iain Davison Partner

New Year, New Will

Solicitor Courtney L'homme explains why making or updating your Will should be a resolution for 2019..

Courtney L'homme Solicitor

Pressing for Law Reform – the key Supreme Court family law cases heard in 2018

A significant number of cases have been heard by the Supreme Court during 2018..

Fiona Turner
Fiona Turner Partner

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