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Learning from emergency medicine compensation claims

NHS Resolution's report into clinical issues contributing to compensation claims within emergency departments

NHS Resolution have published a set of three reports which explore clinical issues that contribute to compensation claim within Emergency Departments.

The report looks at 220 claims between 2014 and 2018 where legal liability has been established. The report highlights that, whilst claims are relatively limited in Emergency Departments compared to the number of patients who attend, there is learning which can be captured to prevent future patient harm. The report looks at three key areas of claims: high value and fatality related claims, missed fractures and hospital acquired pressure ulcers and falls. Each report helpfully provides recommendations for clinicians working in the Emergency Department. Whilst some of the themes have been highlighted previously, to include the importance of making a timely diagnosis and good record-keeping, the report delves deeper and looks at clinical strategy in managing frequent attenders and the benefits of digital solutions to support clinical decision-making.

We would be happy to discuss the contents of the report in detail and how our team can help with learning from claims in the emergency department or across other hospital departments. To find out more, contact to Maryam Storr via the details below.

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