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Mediation in complex financial issues

Both integrated and hybrid mediation allow the couples to draw upon the expertise of family law professionals.

Mediation, and in particular integrated (lawyer inclusive) or hybrid mediation can be one of the most effective means of tackling the most complex circumstances arising from the breakdown of a relationship.

The holistic approach of mediation, and its ability to deal simultaneously with the interplay of the many issues arising from the breakdown of a relationship, means that it can be an ideal way of resolving complex family disputes.

A creative framework using experts

Both integrated and hybrid mediation allow the couple to draw upon a range of family law professionals from lawyers, counsellors and divorce coaches to accountants, pension actuaries and independent financial advisers — and everything in between: whatever the issues demand. This ability to marshal expert input on a wide range of issues within the creative framework that mediation allows enhances the prospects of achieving a deeper, more comprehensive resolution to some of the most difficult and challenging of cases.

Setting your own agenda

The mediation process allows the parties, even in the largest of cases, to set their own priorities and determine what they need out of the situation. In so doing, they are able to arrive at truly remarkable results guided by their advisers and experts all facilitated by the mediator.

When might mediation be suitable?

Cases that can often lead to expensive and protracted proceedings but would nevertheless be suitable for mediation often include one or more of the following elements:

  • Cohabitation disputes and claims over property
  • Farming estates
  • Inherited wealth
  • Family operated businesses whether as a partnership or limited company
  • Trust funds
  • Child maintenance claims falling outside the scope of the Child Maintenance Service
  • Pensions including both SIPPs and public service pension schemes (NHS, teachers, police, armed forces etc.)

The flexibility offered by mediation and the ability to construct within the process a team with the expertise to address each need that may arise within an individual case can result in swifter resolutions whilst enabling parties to retain control and be intrinsically involved in the process and eventual outcome.

For more information about mediation generally, please contact our team of family mediation lawyers.

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