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Using a mobile phone while driving - consultation on changing the law

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With research concluding that driving whilst using a mobile phone is six times more dangerous than intoxicated driving, it is not surprising that the Government is consulting on broadening the offence of using a hand-held mobile phone while driving.

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At present, any mobile phone activity that does not involve telecommunications, such as checking text messages, recording a video or changing pre-downloaded music, is not covered by the existing mobile phone law. However, drivers could be convicted for not being in proper control of their vehicles.

Whilst the proposal can be viewed as a response to a loophole, importantly, it would allow for much clearer messaging: do not use your mobile phone when driving. The proposed widening of existing mobile phone law, whilst not making hands free calls illegal, will also discourage drivers from unlocking phones whilst driving. 

We expect that this clearer message will be welcomed by fleet managers and motor insurers alike. It should help create a stigma around mobile phone use whilst driving, as is now the case with drink driving. This should reduce usage of mobile phone when driving, which in turn should significantly reduce the frequency of accidents.

We plan to respond to the consultation. We would like this response to reflect your positon, by sending you our draft response along with a short survey.

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