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CyXcel announce two new hires to lead North American expansion

CyXcel is thrilled to announce the appointments of Melissa Sokolowski and Bryan Marlatt.

CyXcel is a Weightmans’ cyber security consultancy dedicated to business growth through combined technology and security expertise with law at its core.

As VP of Digital Forensics & Incident Response, Melissa will oversee CyXcel’s Digital Forensic and Response team, handling large-scale, complex post-incident investigations. 

Melissa brings extensive experience as a strategic and technical leader. Notable for her exceptional client service and ability to skillfully direct teams through high-stakes, high-profile cyber incident responses, Melissa joins after holding posts at AON as Vice President of Digital Forensics & Incident Response, Director at Tracepoint, and as Senior Director at Ankura.

Bryan joins as Chief Regional Officer for North America and has already started coordinating our project delivery and expanding client relationships. In his role, Bryan will be responsible for coordinating and facilitating the management and expansion of CyXcel’s new North America operations through expert IT and cyber security advisory consulting paired with streamlined project delivery.

Prior to CyXcel, Bryan delivered international consulting services as part of KPMG’s Cybersecurity team. He has also led local and international cybersecurity teams as Director of Compliance at McKesson, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at AmeriSave and Global Director of Cybersecurity at Avanos Medical.

Together, Melissa and Bryan bring invaluable technical and client expertise to developing cybersecurity systems and handling complex large-scale cases like ransomware attacks, malware investigations, and corporate policy and ethics violations.

On her appointment, Melissa Sokolowski said, "I am thrilled to join CyXcel and look forward to contributing to the team’s success. The team’s commitment to excellence and their unparalleled skill in investigating and mitigating complex cyber threats in support of our clients’ goals is incredibly exciting.”

Bryan Marlatt stated, "I am excited to take the helm of our North American expansion as Chief Regional Officer. CyXcel’s ability to pair expert regulatory insights with seasoned security means business leaders will have nuanced insight into and confidence in their core operations and services to deliver continued growth.”

CyXcel’s co-founder and CEO, and Weightmans’ partner, Edward Lewis, stated, "We are delighted to have Bryan and Melissa join our business. Their cross-industry experience is first-rate as is their knowledge of the U.S. cybersecurity sector. They will bring clear strategic insights to client priorities and deep technical knowledge allowing our clients to be confident that CyXcel will continue delivering unique and exceptional service.”