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Weightmans promotes 103 as new roles created

National law firm Weightmans has promoted over 100 people as it creates a new legal expertise pathway.

National law firm Weightmans has promoted 103 Associates as it creates a new legal expertise pathway.

The new role — Legal Director, and career level — Principal Associate, were introduced from 1 May 2019 as part of the firm’s engagement plan and to reflect developments in the legal market.

Six Associates were promoted to Legal Director, which is a role focusing on the delivery of high-quality legal expertise and knowledge. Ninety-seven have become Principal Associates, which is a blended role looking at an individual’s wider business contribution and business development.

Weightmans Managing Partner John Schorah said:

“Employees and the skills they have will ultimately be the deciding factor in a firm’s success. Our people are integral to the future prosperity of Weightmans and we make the investment in their skills and development a priority, so we are excited to introduce a number of key changes and roles to our existing career structure.

“These changes provide an opportunity for progression and development by assessing people’s strengths and enabling us to be more focused when helping them to determine their future career direction.

“I would like to congratulate all of our Associates who have seized this opportunity this year and look forward to working with them as we grow the business together.”

Full list of promotions:

Legal Directors:

Lisa Cain
Joseph Conroy
Sarah Ezzat
Morris Hill
Ann Hughes
Patricia Williams

Principal Associates:

Deborah Sullivan
Catherine Ainsworth
Lisa Watson
Sarah Temperley
Katherine Hall
Kenneth Slade
Victoria Wright
Elaine Durie
Michael Rogers
Jonathan Gregson
Lee Rogers
Sarah Hopwood
Asema Natha
Samantha Gittoes
Joy Gilbert
Louise Mutch
Anthony Sullivan
Lisa Wilkes
Joanne Williams
Bhavesh  Prajapati
Jacqueline Bickerton
Katie Gemmell
Kathryn Hinchey
John Turton
Danielle Best
Thomas Briggs
Louise Harvey
Simon Forster
Matthew Lake
Maryam Storr
Andrew Currah
Ian Hartley
Victoria Duddles
Seray Kitchingman
Claire Hollins
John Darnell
Rachel Lim
Charlotte Tyler
Sarbjit Nanuwa
Katie Price
Louise Hawkett
Peter Hall
Susan McGorian
Hillary Stephenson
Shaheen Akhtar
Philip Harding
Tania Derrett-Smith
Emma Birch
Kurt Rowe
Peter Ward
Martin English
Catherine Hendy
James Allsop
Julie Goulbourne
David Mathias
Haroon Younis
Katherine Clark
Rebecca Stanton
Nick Newman
Nigel Price
Janine Clare
Michael McMahon
Susan Matthews
Hannah Beddis
Kas Davis
Josephine Martin
Isobel Michie
Sarah Walker
Jessica Kraja
John Porter
Simon Adam
Amy Nesbitt
Abdul Zaheed
Matthew Morton
Joanna Brocklehurst
Cheryl Rowbotham
Richard Vaughan
Michelle Connor
Daniel Barchet
Tracy Hill
David Stokes
Michael Budd
Mark Fitzgerald
Matthew Wilson
Ian Pace
John-Paul Dennis
Sarah Knight
Matthew Collings
Suzanne Beverley
Jennifer Byfield 
Jane Morrey 
Peter Taggart 
Iain Batchen 
Gregory McCusker 
Jacqueline Bickerton 
Hillary Stephenson 
Helen Littlewood