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Craig Blakemore



Craig has 35 years' experience dealing with commercial contentious matters of all types and advises on a wide range of commercial litigation issues. He has extensive experience in:

  • Commercial contract disputes, misrepresentation and negligence claims
  • Injunctive relief applications, (including "search and seize" orders)
  • Corporate and shareholder disputes, ("unfair prejudice" and "derivative" actions)
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims against directors / breach of duty of good faith and breach of duty of fidelity claims against employees
  • Restrictive covenant and restraint of trade disputes ("non-solicitation" / "non-acting" covenants)
  • Claims in the tort of fraud/deceit, conspiracy, procuring a breach of contract, dishonest assistance, knowing receipt of monies and unjust enrichment
  • Intellectual property disputes (particularly trade marks, copyright, design rights and "passing-off") and misuse of confidential information claims
  • Computer / IT law disputes
  • Professional negligence and risk management related disputes
  • Judicial review
  • All forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (particularly mediation).

His practical, hands on, constructive and realistic commercial advice has resulted in strong corporate client and accountancy connections in the North West.