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Dominic Collingwood

Principal Associate


Dominic has worked in personal injury law for the last 32 years, in both the claimant and defendant sectors. For the past 18 years, he has focused on industrial disease litigation and complex claims.

He has specialised, in particular, in the more involved personal injury cases which include lung and other cancers, policy cover/interpretation, clinical negligence and complex EL/PL claims. He has also undertaken high-value multi-track RTA work. Recently, high-value military claims also form a large part of his caseload.

Dominic has well-developed skills in media work, writing for both external publications e.g. newspaper articles and also his various employers' own websites. He has appeared on television and given radio interviews. In addition, he has presented at a wide range of seminars and presentations.

In a recent role, Dominic was involved in advising, as part of a team of two, a major government department in its defence of a multi-million pound group action with regular meetings with lawyers at the highest level of government and leading counsel. This project also involved working with nationally recognised experts in their field.

Prior to that, Dominic was half of a two-person legal team representing several national theatrical organisations who appeared as intervenors in the Court of Appeal proceedings in the Goldscheider v Royal Opera House litigation. Through regular contact with various insured companies, Dominic became a preferred provider of legal services for them; and this included multi-national companies and major utility providers insured by an international insurer that he secured work from independently of his then-employer. This was high-value EL/PL work including cases from the energy sector and medical science field. Several cases also had complex jurisdictional issues, having occurred abroad.

Dominic is a keen advocate and has undertaken his own advocacy for many years when possible. This has included numerous inquests, CCMCs, contested applications and show cause hearings as well as small claims trials. In 2001, he took a case to the Court of Appeal which had wide implications on property law in the context of escape of fire (Ribee v Norrie) and became much cited.

Much of Dominic's spare time is taken up by his family and his two Labradors. He enjoys gardening, cooking and is a keen amateur military historian, which involves national and international travel and a lot of reading and research. Dominic has supported Hull City for many years and plays golf when time permits. He is branch secretary, welfare officer and Standard Bearer of his village branch of the Royal British Legion.

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