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Jane Marshall is a pensions specialist, and is also an experienced employment lawyer. With regard to pensions, Jane has a very broad range of experience advising both corporate and trustee clients on the private sector side, whilst having particular expertise in public sector pension matters. The cross over between pension law and employment law, such as in relation to pension scheme change and TUPE transfers, is of particular interest to Jane.

Jane advises clients on issues across local government, central government, education, health and the voluntary sectors. She has particular expertise in relation to the Local Government Pension Scheme, the Firefighters’ Pension Scheme and the Police Pension Scheme. Her recent experience includes advising on pension matters in relation to a large scale TUPE transfer of staff from a Police Force to a private sector contractor, and training Administering Authorities, Police Authorities and Fire Authorities in relation to the new scheme governance requirements. Jane has also advised on a number of recent outsourcing projects for local authorities.

Jane is a regular speaker on pension issues.


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"Jane Marshall specialises in the crossover between pensions and employment matters." She "speaks in layman's terms and doesn't mystify things in legalese."

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