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Kirsten Wilkins

Principal Associate


Kirsten is a Principal Associate in the Wills, Trusts and Estates team, as well as an accredited civil and commercial mediator.

Kirsten has a particular focus on advising both UK-domiciled and non-UK-domiciled individuals on their personal, commercial and philanthropic objectives. She also advises the trustees of family settlements and charitable trusts.

Kirsten has significant experience in cross-border planning, and often advises individuals with multi-jurisdictional assets. She works closely with her team leader and the firm’s corporate team to advise on the creation of complex offshore structures, holding UK commercial and residential property.

Kirsten often works with multiple generations of the same family to create long term plans for succession and the passing of wealth.

Kirsten frequently advises business owners and shareholders on inheritance tax efficiency, through lifetime and post-death planning. This includes the use of trusts, prior to the sale of assets subject to Business Property Relief. Kirsten engages with members of the general tax team and third party advisors to ensure all advice is comprehensive and complete.

Kirsten advises her clients on the creation and administration of charitable trusts, and is a key advisor to a number of ongoing charities.

Kirsten advises on charitable gifting structures, the drafting of charitable schemes and the production of ancillary documents, such as grant-making policies.

She works closely with the commercial property and corporate team in transactions involving the purchase of charitable land. Kirsten has significant experience advising trustees on the sale of charitable land and the self-certification process.

She successfully negotiates with the Charity Commission in regard to cy-près and Connected Persons applications.

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