Mike joined Weightmans in May 2011, and is now a professional support lawyer within the firm’s knowledge management team.

Until October 2014, Mike was head of the firm’s banking and finance area. As part of that role, he advised on all aspects of financing businesses, corporate acquisitions and the acquisition and development of property. He advised banks and other lenders, insolvency practitioners and borrowers on the terms and conditions of borrowing, the nature and extent of security for debt, personal and corporate guarantees and the rights of competing creditors, both secured and unsecured.

As a professional support lawyer, Mike supports the firm’s Corporate/Commercial team (incorporating Wills, Trusts, Tax and Probate) and the Real Estate team. This is an evolving role, but currently involves the creation and maintenance of legal precedents (particularly for the Corporate/Commercial team), reviewing and reporting on new cases and legislation, editing and writing articles for publication, advising fee-earners on legal issues arising on their files, and monitoring the progress of Brexit and its likely impact for UK business and our legal system.