Nilesh is a specialist in defending clinical negligence actions against the NHS and individual practitioners, having done so since qualifying with Weightmans in 2005.

His caseload consists of a wide range of claims involving many medical disciplines, with a growing practice in cerebral palsy and other catastrophic injuries, as well as multi-party actions. He has extensive knowledge of the public and private healthcare sectors and continues to grow Weightmans’ profile with medical malpractice insurers and brokers, with a particular focus on claims against dentists and cosmetic treatment providers.

Examples of his recent caseload include a substantial claim by a former hedge-fund analyst (claim £8.9m, settled £2m), a claim by the widow of another high earner in the financial services sector (claim £1.6m, settled £900,000), a claim following alleged wrongly performed hip resurfacing procedure instead of a hip debridement (£1.5m claimed, settled £900,000) and a claim for significant disability due to alleged mismanagement of surgery for treatment of bone cancer, a claim for £2.6m which settled for £450,000 (latter both against a leading orthopaedic surgery centre).

He continues to develop extensive experience of advising on risk management, learning from claims, regulatory issues and insurance policy interpretation and coverage. Nilesh also speaks at sector specific events and takes an active interest in providing training to clinical and legal professionals on governance, consent to treatment, record keeping, minimising claims and complaints and the litigation process.

As an accomplished litigator Nilesh is pragmatic but prepared to make tough calls when the need arises and provides commercially sound advice to institutional and lay clients, as well as forging strong relationships at all levels, to deliver a quality service to his clients. However, he negotiates robustly, with significant trial experience and an enviable trial record. In addition to his caseload he is responsible for the internal management of the clinical negligence team in our London office.

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